Saturday, 27 April 2013


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Yesterday was our first family outing to the zoo. I felt quite emotional as we rammed endless bags of stuff we didn't need in the car - at just over two, I was hoping J would be blown away by the animals - the size of the elephants, the noise of the monkeys. Up to this point he may have been taking everything in, but days like this, from this point on, surely are the ones that will form his earliest memories? Magic. 
So we went, we saw, we had the obligatory picnic in the hail. Yes hail. J loved it, M was entranced by the penguins - I wasn't sure at 7 months old if he would take note of his surroundings or not, but he did. Lovely.
Sitting in the lounge today, I thought I would test my magic memories theory, and ask J to recount his favourite part of his zoo visit.....
"I sat on the grass mummy, with a sandwich. Ham sandwich. And then I chased a pigeon. I went shoo! and it flew away, and I ran, and it flew, and I chased it, and it flew away!"

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